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A chauffer opens the door of a black luxury town car.

Out Of The Way Industry

It can be difficult finding a cab in Houston. Many times taxis are 30 to 60 minutes late. We have the right network to get you the right ride, right on time.

We have the proper network to get you up from where you are to where you need to be. Out of the way Industry works more as a dispatch service for different Taxi companies. Our goals are to work with different Independent Contractors in order to get the city moving, instead of stalling. The best way for this to work is, as a customer, to gives us a heads up on when you need a ride and someone will get a hold of you over the phone to confirm that you will receive a Cab.

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About Us

  • There is a black luxury Audi posing in front of the camera from the front bumper side.

    Safe Reliable Rides

    • Vehicles inspected and maintained properly
    • All drivers go through FBI Background Checks
    • Houston Cab Drivers undergo Drug Testing
  • The image contains a receipt with the drivers company #, cab#, fare, etc.

    Hassle Free Policy

    • All Credit Cards Accepted
    • Receipts at the End of a Trip
    • Don't be shy to ask for a flat rate or to make an offer
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