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Best Breakfast Locations

Houston Chronicle's Choices

If you are near the Galleria area, they recommend the Fountain View Cafe and there is also Cyclone Anaya, which is in the same vicinity. If you are in Downtown they recommend Adair Kitchen, The Breakfast Klub. or Tel-Wink Grill. Anywhere near the heights, it's recommended to go to Triniti Restaurant, Yale Street Grill, or IHOP. Anywhere near the NRG Stadium. Don't forget, if you're in the southwest check out La Guadalupana, Hobbit Cafe or Tiny Boxwood's Cafe. A trip to these restaurants usually cost $6- $13 in a taxi.

Yelper's Pick

Most people enjoy going to The Breakfast Klub. It has the most reviews and high ratings across the board with 2222 reviews and 4 1/2 stars. There are a few who look down at this popular location, but what do they know? The second top rated restaurant, according to Yelpers in Houston, is the Baby Barnaby's Cafe with 863 reviews and a Four Star Rating. Then there's Backstreet Cafe in third place with 846 reviews and a 4 stars.

Houston Press's #1 Choice

The Press recommends Fountain View Cafe for breakfast. They find the crepes to be a specialty of theirs. If you want a cheesy omelette, that's the place to go. There is mention that they got some tasty flapjacks. Don't be lazy and check them out.

Trip Advisor's #1 Choice

Trip Advisor's #1 Breakfast spot is The Breakfast Klub. The people have spoken. The people love that place. It seems to be the most popular place for a morning power up.

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