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Night Life

Yelper's Favorite Picks

With a four star rating and 499 reviews Flying Saucer Draught Emporium seems to be a highly regarded bar. It has about 200 different beers to choose from among other popular alcoholic beverages. The other choice by Yelpers is The HoneyMoon Cafe and Bar with a little over 300 reviews and a four star overall rating by the yelper folk.Not only do they serve a multitude of alcoholic beverages, but they have coffee and delectable dishes that give energy to keep enjoying your night. If they have no tables they can call you when one is available, if you choose. Prohibition SupperClub and Bar has a four star rating and 229 reviews. It's a mix of a Club/Bar that serves Food, lots of alcohol and they also have a theatre in the back where live shows of all kind are performed. They also have a burlesque sort of thing going on there, so check their schedule in case you are not into that.

Three of USA Today's 10 Best

10Best.com's #1 choice is The Black Labrador Pub.It is a British Pub that serves British food such as Bubble & Squeak and Bangers and Mash and Shepard's Pie. It has a vintage scene with a nice fireplace and chessboard tables for those who are chess enthusiasts. Numero two on the 10 Best list is The Brazos River Bottom Club with most of it's attendents being from the LGBT community. Most days it is karaoke night and they offer free dance lessons for those who want to put a twist on their two stepping skills. Guaranteed to have a gay old time. Last, but not least, this place has a healthy side with tasty low calorie dishes such as Margarita Shrimp marinated in lime butter and served on cilantro rice or the Dijon-Pistachio Encrusted Lamb Chops. They also have live performances with music ranging from jazz, R&B, soft rock and many other categories that create a fun atmosphere. The name of this place is Sambuca

Houston Press' Favorite Picks

Okra Charity Saloon is Houston Press' # 1 Choice because not only being a bar or a nice little dining area with a taster's choice menu, but the owners of the bar send 100% of the proceeds to a non-profit organization or social cause. Next on the list is The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium.This place is where they have a multitude of beers on tap with some side dishes available. Private parties are also hosted upstairs for those who want a more uninterrupted time. Last, but not least, Molly's Pub seems to be pretty popular. Molly's is an Irish Pub that is very spacious, has free wifi and is a relaxed place where you can enjoy a game of pool with friends and family members.

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