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An open door of a black sedan showing off it's leather interior.

Private Transportation

When traveling in Houston Texas we have a variety of Taxi Cabs and other car services. A lot of our limousine drivers have turned their town cars into cabs. This is because there is more opportunity than any stretch limo, limousine bus or shuttle services can offer them. Our network/fleet includes yellow cab, lone star cab, fiesta taxi and many other independent companies in Houston Tx with independent contractors as their chauffeurs. With these transportation professionals there is no need to travel H-Town with blind eyes. With our 24-hour live dispatch available all you have to do is just hit the button below and request a quote and/or request for either a sedan, luxury town vehicle or SUV. It is always the same rate no matter the circumstances for our passengers.

Taxi Fare Finder

Visiting a new city? Having a night out? Let TaxiFareFinder be a guide for your taxi trips. TaxiFareFinder will estimate the taxi fares for you, so you can travel with confidence! TaxiFareFinder boasts taxi rates from over 250 localities spanning the globe, and considers not only the distance and duration of your trip, but also additional factors such as traffic patterns, driving speeds, urban density, and possible wait times. Our estimates are carefully calibrated based upon actual fares submitted by our staff, taxi companies, and our users.

Map of Houston and major loops, such as I-610 and Beltway 8. Houston Airports like Hobby Airport and IAH, Bush Airport, are highlighted in yellow.

Airport Travelers

Wether you are coming into or going out of Houston airports, such as iah airport (Bush International airport) or hobby airport, we can fulfill your transportation needs. We can go from Houston to Galveston Tx if we need to, too, and if you choose we can pick you up from Galveston at your request. Galveston Texas airport taxi car services are the only ones who can pick up flagging customers and drop them off at houston international airport or any houston texas airports, but as long as a pre-arranged pick up is set up, we can be there, too.

IAH/Bush Intercontinental Airport Flat Rates

These Flat Rates apply if the customer is being picked up from the airport AND if they are being dropped off at the airport. The thing to keep in mind about fixed rates is that they are there as a maximum. This is done just in case there is traffic that slows down the driver and prolongs the trip.

Willaim P. Hobby Airport Flat Rates

These rates apply only if you are being picked up from Hobby Airport AND if you are going to that airport. The airport tax is $1.25 for this pickup location. The booking fee is applied, as usual.

$6 Downtown Fare Rates

Usually anytime a trip is less than 2 1/2 miles the flat rate of six dollars is applied.

People eating at a table in a restaurant drinking a variety of beverages.

Great Times Houston!

There are plenty of things to do in Houston. The Wortham Theater Center is a great place to start a day either as a native or visitor. Feel the history of Houston at the theater and then have yourself a cup of coffee at sweet toot in downtown. The order doesn't matter as long as you start it off right learning more of what this great city has to offer. Schedule a ride with us and we will drive you around this great city whether it be for breakfast, personal or educational reasons.

City Limit Estimates

These estimates are for trips within the surrounding Houston area. This section mostly covers trips within the 610 Loop giving you an idea of the costs for getting around the city. The best way to know what the specific price is check out our fare estimator. The estimates here are NOT OBLIGATORY FLAT RATES. They are here just to give you an idea of the costs.

  • From the Galleria to Downtown the price usually runs about $25.
  • From the University of Houston to Downtown usually costs between $10-$13.
  • Going from the Galleria to Port of Houston costs $52.
  • If you are in the Greater North Side and you are headed to Midtown it will cost about $8-$11.