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Metered Rates

Booking the Cab

Some people wonder why the cab always begins at $2.80 when it begins. The fare always starts with a booking fee. City of Houston regulations have established a tax that each driver has to pay for every pick up they book. Most of that goes to the city and the driver gets a small percentage. The booking fee goes up a whole dollar at night. From 8pm to 6am the booking fee is at $3.80.

Airport Tax

Picking up from the airport has its own fees. At IAH, Bush Intercontinental Airport, apart from the booking fee there is a customer tax for pick up. That tax goes to the City of Houston Airport System. That tax goes through good use to improve the airport and COH. The other airport, Hobby Airport, A.K.A Houston Hobby, has a pick up tax of $1.25.

Fare Estimator

Do you need a taxi? Are you curious to find out how much it will cost?

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