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Flat Rates

$6 Downtown Fare Rates

Usually anytime a trip is less than 2 1/2 miles the flat rate of six dollars is applied. Whenever you are in downtown and a customer needs to go from one side of downtown to the other side of downtown, the six dollar flat rate applies. All of the drivers know this, but not all riding customers are aware. The only exception to this is if the customer needs to go to midtown, which is next to downtown. In that case, drivers turn their meter on, but anytime someone needs to get a little further out of downtown, about two or three miles, it is just a few dollars more, like three or four more dollars.

IAH/Bush Intercontinental Airport Flat Rates

These flat rates apply if the customer is being picked up from the airport AND if they are being dropped off at the airport. The thing to keep in mind about fixed rates is that they are there as a maximum. This is done just in case there is traffic that slows down the driver and prolongs the trip. These fixed numbers are a safety net for customers and, usually, the customer pays less, depending on road conditions. The way it works in Houston is the driver starts the meter, the meter begins with a booking fee, as discussed in metered fares page, the driver applies the $2.75 airport tax and once at the drop off location if the meter turns out to be less than the flat rate, then the meter is used as the total cost. However, if the meter is more than the fixed number, then the fixed is used as the total cost. The image below describes the rates accurately and if you click on it, it expands to see it clearer.

  • To North Houston by 610 is $46 max and is considered to be Zone 1.
  • Headed to Downtown will run about $54 and is considered zone 2.
  • Headings to the Galleria/Greenway, Medical Center, Memorial or River oaks the total would be $62 max and is considered zone 3.
  • Going anywhere to or near the Reliant, zone 4, runs about $67 max.
  • Zone five is anywhere near Westheimer/Beltway 8, Hwy 59 and Bellfort and Hobby Airport costs $75.
  • West Memorial and Bear creek area are considered Zone 6 and max rate is $83.
  • The Energy Corridor or anywhere on the far WestSide of Houston past the Beltway is Zone 7 and runs $89.
  • Zone eight is Nasa/Space Center area and going there runs up to $107.
  • Going to Kingwood, zone nine, costs $35.
  • Zone ten is Willowbrook and runs up to $42.
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Willaim P. Hobby Airport Flat Rates

These rates apply only if you are being picked up from Hobby Airport AND if you are going to that airport. The airport tax is $1.25 for this pickup location. The booking fee is applied, as usual.

  • Going to the Medical Center, Ellington Airport or anywhere in SouthEast Houston would be zone one and cost $33 max.
  • Heading Downtown is Zone Two and costs $27.50
  • If your dropoff location is in the heights or anywhere in the Greenway Plaza, zone three, the cost is $40.20.
  • Zone Four is the North Loop or anywhere near the Galleria and heading there cost about $45.50.
  • Spring Branch and Town and Country area is zone five and runs up to $63.
  • Anywhere near Dairy Ashford will run up to $72.
  • The total cost for the area of I-10 W and Highway 6 will cost $83.
  • Going to the other aiport, IAH/Bush, will be $73.
  • Zone eight is where NASA and Space Center Houston is located and cost up to $39.
  • Dropping off in Kingwoodwill run up to $88.
  • Willowbrook is Zone 11 and that costs up to $82.
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City Limit Estimates

These estimates are for trips within the surrounding Houston area. This section mostly covers trips within the 610 Loop giving you an idea of the costs for getting around the city. The best way to know what the specific price is check out our fare estimator. The estimates here are NOT OBLIGATORY FLAT RATES. They are here just to give you an idea of the costs.

  • From the Galleria to Downtown the price usually runs about $25.
  • From the University of Houston to Downtown usually costs between $10-$13.
  • Going from the Galleria to Port of Houston costs $52.
  • If you are in the Greater North Side and you are headed to Midtown it will cost about $8-$11.
  • The Gridiron to the Houston Heights is about $26-$36, $36+ if you are headed further north of the Heights.
  • From the Southside place to North East Houston runs between $45-$53.
  • Pickups from Pecan Park headed towards Greater Heights runs about $45-$53.
  • From the Rice University to Downtown should run about $17.50.
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